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The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is that Bond?

A1) Yes it is!

Our dedicated, helpful and experienced receptionist Kate will attend to your call.

Q2) Do the escorts provide any personal services?

A2) All London escorts displayed within our web site can provide a full personal massage service. Here at London escort agency Bond & Mayfair our objective is to promote and to take appointments for the selected London escorts on our books. We provide our extensive knowledge of the Escort industry and recommendations of High-class escorts to our clientele.

Q3) I don’t believe it! Are the photos of the escorts really real?

A3) We can assure that the pictures of our London escorts are recent and genuine.

Q4) Can the escort visit me at my place?

A4) This is what is known as an Out-call service. Your selected escort can come to your residence or the hotel you are staying at.

Please note: You may find that one or two of our escorts in London might not be comfortable with visiting you at your private home.

Q5) Can I visit the escort at her place?

A5) This is what is known as an In-call service. You can visit most of our London based escorts at their nice, clean and cosy apartments situated all around the City’s central zones.

Q6) Can I suggest a dress code a girl should be in?

A6) Yes you may but if its an Out-call service then you should bare in mind the time and also the weather. It is not common sense for an escort to arrive in high-heels and a short skirt very late in the evening as it is unsafe. Please allow her to bring along your requests and let her change when she has arrived.

The weather in the United Kingdom is totally unpredictable like our London Buses and Taxi’s! Please try and understand if an escort arrives in a sexy long black coat and not a short skirt and blouse.

The escort can also bring along small items at your request, e.g. Bottle of wine, a packet of Hamlets, a swimming costume, etc.

Please pay the escort for your requested consumables when the escort produces your receipt.

Q7) Can the escort model for me?

A7) All girls have a natural liking to showing off their wonderful sexy curves, they have many outfits and sexy lingerie that they would be proud to be seen in.

Q8) Are you on the web site as well?

A8) None of our receptionists are featured on the web site or provide any escorting or companionship services.

Q9) Can I speak to the escort before I book?

A9) No the escorts do not wish to answer their phones to clients. For that reason they hire the B & M team on a commission bases to take care of their appointments.

Q10) Can a friend and myself see a single escort at the same time?

A10) No you cannot see the escort at the same time as this encourages unacceptable behavior. You will need to book 2 of our girls or meet your selected escort at different intervals.

Do I have to give the escort a tip when she is leaving?

A11) This is not required but we are sure they'd would be over the moon if you did.

Q12) What does a dinner-date consist of?

A12) A dinner-date consists of 3 Hours of which 2 Hours is social time and 1 hour is private. This option has been discounted by £50.00 and suits refined gentlemen who are relaxed and informal in manner.

Q13) Can I see the escort first and pay later?

A13) We regret to say but this is not how our Escort Agency operates. You will need to hand over the agreed monies for the escorts time and companionship within the first 10 minutes of meeting up.

Q14) Can I meet up with an escort in a classy Bar?

A14) Yes you can as long as you are booked into a Hotel and pay for her time within 10 minutes of meeting her.

Q15) Can I get a discount?

A15) We respect the fact that most ATM machines now only allow you to withdraw a certain amount of funds. If you are paying by cash for your booking please make sure that you have enough funds withdrawn in advance.

Q16) Do I have to pay for the Out-call Taxi fare?

A16) If your are based far out from Central London you will need to contribute towards the Taxi fair or you will have to book for a minimum 3 hours, which ever you prefer. From our extensive experience this keeps both parties happy and cheerful.

Q17) Do the more expensive escorts provide a better standard of service?

A17) Yes they can provide a much higher quality and experience. Also most of the escorts that have higher rates would usually meet a lot less clients than those that have competitive rates on our site. The other way of looking at this matter is the Click Factor. Some of you click with our girls right away where as with others it takes a special kind of girl to get your heart racing, however all of our girls are selected for there eagerness to entertain even the most discerning pleasure seeker.

Q18) What is OWO, CIM, ALEVELS etc?

A18) These abbreviations seem to be a secret code that is passed around from one client to another. Our escorts use them as well. Please ask a friend or the escort when you meet her as we are a booking service only.

Bond & Mayfair booking desk opening hours:

11am - 1am
Monday - Saturday

Sundays - Advanced bookings

London escorts:
07951 010 707

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